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What's the Best Office Chair for Back Support?

What's the Best Office Chair for Back Support?

When it comes to office chairs, back support is everything. Whether you’re working from your home or in the office, any office chair you sit in for 8 hours a day must support your back enough to offer comfort day in, day out.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

When you’re looking for an office chair that supports your back, you really want to be looking for an ergonomic office chair. It’s vital to make the right choice, as ergonomic office chairs are designed to offer more lumbar support, with the ability to move the height or angle of your office chair to support your body height or weight. For example, the Aspect Ergonomic Chair is designed for users that are taller, with longer legs, whereas the Vista Office Chair is capable of 24 hour use with users up to 24 stone/152kg.

Aspect Ergonomic Office Chair

Aspect Ergonomic Chair

Do ergonomic office chairs help with posture?

Posture is of the utmost importance, as sitting still for long periods of time puts considerable pressure on your spine. Investing in an ergonomic office chair that offers the back support you need will pay dividends in later life, as well as being more comfortable during the day. There are also other reported health benefits associated with having an ergonomic chair, such as improved blood circulation, and reduced hip pressure. Having your chair set to a 90-degree angle is the ideal angle to ensure you’re sitting correctly, with good posture and blood flow.

Are ergonomic office chairs worth the cost?

Ergonomic office chairs usually cost a little more than a regular (or non-ergonomic office chairs) but when you’re spending 8 hours of your day sitting in a chair, it’s worth every penny! Bad posture can lead to joint and muscle issues down the line but the right chair can help you avoid these health problems, and if there’s one thing we all know… you really can’t put a price on that!

Put us to the test

Our ergonomic office chairs are tested to BS 5459 (2000) part 2 certification:

Office pedestal seating for use by persons weighing up to 150kg and for use up to 24 hours a day, including type-approval tests for individual components” Source: BSI Group

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