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EN Classic SM4, 380mm, Grey Frame

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Colour: BLACK

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EN Classic SM4, 380mm, Grey Frame The en classic 4 leg chair is designed and manufactured in the UK, the en seat is ergonomically shaped to encourage attention and utilises a waterfall front to help improve circulation whilst sitting whilst the frame benefits from angled rear legs which discourages tilting. The classic chair, manufactured by Spaceforme, offers the perfect solution for providing pupils with high performance chairs, which improve posture and comfort.

Investing in en seating is an investment for the future, as the effects of well-designed educational environments on learning are widely acknowledged. The clean lines and ergonomic benefits of the en series classic chair can play an important role in creating environments of which all stake holders can be proud. The en classic is the perfect solution for all classroom, school and educational seating environments; as well as for use in leisure and other public facilities

• 15 year warranty • Angled rear legs to discourage user tilting • Stacks 6 High • EN1729 compliant parts 1 and 2 • Weight limit 125kg (275lbs) • Contoured outer ribbing for strength • Tamper proof fixings • Provides an ideal seating position • Available in 13 brilliant colours • Waterfall edge to aid circulation whilst in a sitting position

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